Shashwat Dham: Centre For Spirituality 03/03/2019

Shashwat Dham: Spirituality Saves Those Who Save It 

Created and developed by the Chaudhary group, CG Shashwat dham is located in the heart of Nawalpur district i.e. dumkauli, Nawalpur. Spread over 12 acres, the most prestigious company Chaudhary group providing employment to thousands of workers within and surrounding area providing the alluring beauty of the fascinating artistic temple and architectural designs of south India to the visitors from all around the world.

Shashwat dham is a complete package of ekambareshwara the Shiva temple, vaidik karmakanda gurukul, Sri Sri center for meditation and yogic sciences , samskriti the heritage store, manuscript resource center, museum, spiritual souvenir store and Annapurna satvik pure veg restaurant.

The Shiva temple which is built in Khajuraho-style of architecture is surrounded by a pond where holy waters from famous shrines such as Badri, Kedar, Haridwar, Muktinath, and Pashupatinath are poured.There is a audio visual center where visitors can view about famous shrines of Nepal and India such as Pashupatinath, Muktinath, Gosaikunda, Swargadwari, Haridwar, Badri, Kedar and others. Also, there is a religious information center from where visitors will get information on the different site of religious interest.

The most beautiful view of ekambareshwara Shiva Mandir can be observed at evening and night time as the light reflected from the fountain located in front of Shiva temple provides the colorful view. It is said that Monday is the day of Lord Shiva, so  a special aarati for pilgrimage is performed  every Monday which helps to feel a divine religious connection between us and spiritual power.

A holy place and destination to receive all the spiritual strength, Art of Living Sri Sri Meditation Center was also established inside CG which has helped pilgrimage to get connected to the eternal knowledge passed over generations through saints and sages of Vedic times and also experience the true nature of one's own self. 

The super hit film of Nepalese film industry chhaka panja 3 song was also shooted in Saswat dham which has clearly demonstrated the beauty of Saswat dham. Besides CG Shashwat dham is awarded as the best tourist's destination of Nepal by the Ministry of tourism. 

To reach Shashwat Dham, one can take a national flight to bharatpur airport and take a cab or bus available for dumkauli, nawalpur and stops right in front of Shashwat dham. Or, you will get a bus from Kathmandu Buspark or Kalanki which will directly take you to Shahswat Dham or even a local bus from Narayanghat.

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